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CPS Media believes in delivering the best possible solutions for our clients, at the best prices with a simple, effective and fast track game plan. We are able to do this via our 25+ years of industry experience. Over 1200 websites and customers that have been with us since we started in the early 90's. CPS Media follows leading edge technology and structural integrity for a site that is as much about being SEO and Google friendly as it is about design.

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CPS Media produces a newsletter/emag called Web Developer under our publishing news center HardTalk News. Subscribe Now.

HardTalk News depends on readers like you to keep sharing news and indepth analysis big tech and big media prefer to hide from us. Your "subscription" to HardTalk News can be a free or paid. Much of the information is available on our free subscription, but the "How To Articles" in Web Developer are only available to paid subscribers. Paid subscribers also receive substantial discounts in web design, development and video presentations etc.

Business Management

25+ years in business has brought a lot of experience internally and with the relationships we have built with external partners.

Research and Development

Part of our success has been the delivery of leading edge design and function for all of the products we build and develop.

Digital Marketing

CPS Media was one of the first company's to develop a digitized online newspaper for our newspaper clients in 2003. SEO in 2008.

Communication is Key

With so many great ways to discuss projects, give the green light
we excel in getting your job quickly and affordably.


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Digital Technologies for Business

Web Developer div. of CPS Media is an Award Winning Web Design and Developer. We have over 25 years in the computer industry as programmers, software engineers and web development and all things related. The publishing industry has been our home turf for much of this time providing services to newspapers, magazines and all kinds and sizes of businesses.

We provide personal training, full project installations and live install, training. 

We Can Provide:
- 1. individual or group tutorials (hourly rate/zoom).
- 2. turnkey solution you are lookin for (most popular)
- 3. build the solution on your computer (hourly rate/zoom).

Rate: $95/hour by Zoom (min. 2hr)
- no programming or experience required

Purchase Time Here

1. Web Design | Getting Started I (basic)
- registering domain | forwarding DNS to your web host
- setting up at host site | email | integrating your non-domain email to domain email
- step by step setting up your site | adding photos, videos
- videos via YouTube | or hosting on your new site
- summary go live
- working and understanding Cpanel
- working with the standard tool sets
- setting up meta, SEO, title descriptions, keywords
- setting up with menu
- design integration desktop/mobile | checkup real time

2. Video Presentation | Getting Started I (basic)
- choosing the software | editor plus screen and video capture
- introduction to editor usage
- editing clips | importing images and video clips | video captures
- working with effects
- working with audio and where to get audio files
- intro screens and outros
- transitions of video and audio
- completion, hosting and handling

Need More? No Problem. The above is just an icebreaker… Just let us know what you are after.


Business Solutions for All

We have seen a dramatic change in business over the last several years and in particular over the previous months. The market has and is changing fast. Businesses are cutting overhead, office size and working remotely. Cloud deployment of servers for business data systems are keeping business operations alive and CPS Media is active in this movement.

Business Analysis
Business Planning
Business Marketing

What We Do

CPS Media provides business technology and solutions for businesses of all kinds.

Business Mangement
Getting things right requires good team communication skills, having a solid plan, the right tools, to deliver a first class product.
Marketing Development
What we have found over the years in building websites and integration, companies asked for help promoting their new site and company.
SEO Integration
What good is a website if no one see's it?
Site Engine Optimization builds tags, links, copy, meta tags, keyword phrases everywhere.
Critical Analysis
Knowing what you want is important, but knowing where you are going is mission critical in any business plan and web development.
Systems Balancing
Finding your audience and next buyers requires a balanced strategy of website, social media, newsletters, special offers and key messaging.
Cloud Deployment
Offices as we know them are changing to cut overhead and costs. Cloud Data Servers now allow teams of people to work from anywhere.

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